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Our impact on the people

As a socially responsible and forward-thinking company,
Marinexcell actively shapes a positive impact on individuals,
communities, and the broader society.

Coastal Communities

In coastal communities fishing has traditionally been a part of their diets, becoming a part of their culture. 
Industrial fishing has deprived many of those communities of this source. Many of these communities are not able to pay the prices demanded for purchasing the same products that they previously fished, creating nutritious and economic problems. 

We hope that by reducing the need for industrial fishing it will be possible to restore to this communities the capability of recuperating their sources of nutrition.

Animal Welfare

Marinexcell’s commitment to ethical treatment extends beyond human welfare to include the humane treatment of marine life.

By eliminating certain environmentally harmful fishing practices, Marinexcell contributes to a more ethical and sustainable approach to seafood production.

Animal Cruelty

Marinexcell shall have a significant contribution to the reduction of the animal cruelty existing in the fishing, the aquaculture and the consumption of the lobsters, shrimps and crabs.

Global Food Security

As a source of Sustainable Food Supply, Marinexcell addresses global food security challenges by providing a reliable source of seafood. This is crucial as the world’s population continues to grow, and diverse and sustainable food options become increasingly important.


Marinexcell’s innovative processes and technological advancements contribute to whole industry of cultured meat.
This not only sets a benchmark for the industry but also encourages further innovation and knowledge-sharing.

Promoting Responsible Choices

Marinexcell empowers consumers to make environmentally responsible choices by offering a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative. This fosters a sense of environmental stewardship and consciousness among individuals.

Climate Change Resilience

By supporting sustainable fisheries management and ecosystem resilience, Marinexcell indirectly contributes to building climate change resilience in coastal communities that rely on healthy marine ecosystems.